Mr. Manoj Kumar
Managing Director
DIN NO. : 09066463

Mr. Sanjay Singh
DIN NO. : 09203650

Medic Life care has traced a path to attain global standards for products in herbal and natural products. We are confident that we are going to achieve in this short period. We thank all our Direct Sellers, customers, staff, recruiters, and the Board of directors that have continually supported us and have contributed to our accomplishments. Our program is unique in several ways.

We are committed to high-quality products, engaged staff, and our customer satisfaction. You will find that our staff is accessible, helpful, and eager to be a part of your customer experience. They will provide the education you need and the attention you deserve.

We are willing to significantly contributed to the social, cultural, educational and economic aspects of India along with the establishment of remarkable standards in the domains of herbal and natural products at a global level.

We wish you the very best, and we look forward to seeing you.